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New Opportunities for Using TheraPhi

Have you been for a ‘half hour to happiness’ TheraPhi session to improve your happiness and sleep?

Or, have you experienced reduction in pain, or inflammation due to injuries, or unexplained symptoms?

NEW 1-Hour TheraPhi Sessions

Stressed? Challenged? Recovering from the flu?

Are you feeling really stressed in your day to day life? Are you experiencing sleep interruptions, are you moods changing, are your relationships becoming strained? Consider a one hour TheraPhi session. This winter we have been using longer sessions, one hour instead of a half hour, with ourselves and clients. It has been reported that people are feeling really well at the end of the session. People are much calmer and relaxed, they feel refreshed and feel their energy levels rise significantly. They sleep better and are better resourced to rise the challenges of life in the following days and weeks.

We have seen several clients who have some version of this year’s flus and are struggling to return to usual energy levels. Lingering symptoms (congestion, lack of appetite, coughing, low energy, to name a few) plague them for weeks. We suggested they try one hour sessions of TheraPhi, not the usual half hour session, and saw immediate improvements. They reported feeling good by the end of the session, sleeping deeply after the session, and significant reduction in lingering symptoms by the following day.

Try a one hour session for $75 (save $25)

*some conditions may apply for the one hour sessions.

NEW - Couples TheraPhi – “The Love Session”

Another way to use TheraPhi is in-person couples’ sessions. Both partners sit together in the TheraPhi at the same time and experience the session together. It is a different way to connect with each other. The individual partners begin with several individual sessions before having a ‘love session’. What we have been told by couples who have had the Love Session is there is greater peace in the relationship, more compassion toward each other, a real connection with one another, and gratitude for being able to support each other as well as themselves in healing and growth. Most couples report deep peace and calm during the love session, and an abiding sense of love and goodness between the partners.

Contact us for pricing and booking sessions.

Family TheraPhi

Have you ever noticed that within a family unit, what happens to one person can affect the others? One person shares their good fortune and the rest of the family feels that excitement? Or if one person has had a difficult day, the rest of the family ‘feels’ the one’s stress and behaviours? In a family unit, the nervous system of all members are hardwired together. The children’s nervous systems are intimately connected to their parents nervous systems. Positively enhancing one person’s nervous system can enhance all the nervous systems of all members of the family.

With this in mind, we have worked with families with TheraPhi. TheraPhi is a like a reboot for the nervous system. If a family is in strife, or one or more members are unwell, we bring in as many members of the family as possible, for individual sessions. Supporting one member supports the whole family; supporting the whole family supports the one. The results we saw in several different families was amazing. Everyone benefited and had improved quality of life, happiness and connection. Parents, children, siblings, and grandparents - the more members of the family system we saw, the better the results.

NEW TheraPhi Pet and Owner Package

TheraPhi for pets? Yes!

Several of our clients have had dogs that were becoming lame in their later years and have seen tremendous improvement in their mobility. Animals with pre-existing health conditions have also seen benefit with TheraPhi. As with people, pain and inflammation are conditions that have shown improvement with TheraPhi. Other folks are using TheraPhi with show animals, whether that is dogs or horses, to give them the edge during competitions. Whether large or small, any size pet may benefit with TheraPhi’s beautiful energy field.

We are offering an introductory package deal for both the pets and the owner of the pet. We have discovered that doing both parties yields great results for both. Whatever is happening in the owner’s life is also happening for the pet. Your pet will be picking up on whatever you are feeling and there are cases of the pets having the same conditions as their owners – coincidence? What better way to help your pet than to help yourself?

Call for pricing and booking sessions.

Our Introductory 5 package Special

If you feel like starting fresh for the year, and leaping into spring with energy for yourself, your partner/spouse, your children, or your pets, think about adding some TheraPhi to your life. Call to for a complimentary consultation or to book sessions.

Introductory Special - 5 half hour sessions for $175 (+GST). Great way to introduce yourself to TheraPhi and its amazing ability to bring order and peace to all cells.

Regular 5 pack special – 5 half hour sessions for $250 for those who have had partaken in the intro special and want to continue the experience. Still great value – save $15 per session.

NEW Remote TheraPhi

Most of the TheraPhi sessions offered can be done remotely. Pet and owner, family TheraPhi (individual sessions), or individual sessions, you can choose to experience the sessions in the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of remote TheraPhi?

Remote sessions are conducted in your own home. For folks who live in an area where there isn’t a TheraPhi, you can still have access to this amazing device and its life enhancing benefits. If you are not feeling well enough to come in person, you too can still participate in sessions that may speed up your recovery. For folks who have limited mobility, we can serve you with remote TheraPhi. And for some folks, the thought of just staying home and relaxing even more in their own environment, we have you covered.

Please note, only one person or pet can be “TheraPhi’d” per session, except in the case of the couple TheraPhi.

Be well and happy.

We cannot predict or guarantee results; nor do we diagnose, heal, treat, cure, or address specific symptoms. This is not a medical treatment, nor is it a substitute for medical advice, your own healing professional’s advice, treatment, or diagnosis. The NRG Wellness Group does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. There are no medical claims made about the modalities offered. If you think that you might be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek qualified medical advice.


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