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Half an Hour to Happiness

Happy is define.d as “enjoying, or characterized by well-being and contentment”. What brings each of us to this place is a very unique and individual preference. A common desire is we all want to feel/be happy. TheraPhi, the newest energy wellness device, has helped many clients to achieve happiness, quickly and easily

Redeveloped from many old and scientifically proven technologies, the TheraPhi device helps all cells to return to their original state of function. Many clients come for sessions seeking healing from physical ailments, disease, injury, and chronic conditions. We have seen truly amazing results in the return to physical well being utilizing TheraPhi. The original state of cells is much more than just the physical. The energetic wellness, and emotional wellness of cells is equally, if not more important, than the physical condition of our body. TheraPhi address these other levels of being as well.

Happiness is Common

Regardless of any other type of healing, half hour sessions in TheraPhi have helped almost all of our clients to experience happiness, peace and bliss, during and after their sessions. Feeling profoundly peaceful at the end of sessions is a common and reoccurring comment. There is a corresponding look that people have when they leave which we call the “TheraPhi look” – eyes are bright and shiny and the person’s demeanor is calm, relaxed, peaceful, and generally happy. An added bonus is that many people look years younger after their session compared to when they arrived.

Happiness Reborn

One of our clients came to us with a very painful work injury. Her life has been dramatically affected by the limitations due to the pain from the injury, both physically and emotionally. TheraPhi has been significantly helping her on both of those levels. When she was asked how she feels with her TheraPhi experience, this was her reply. She leaves with excitement and anticipation – what is she going to feel for the next few days? What is going to develop in her world? As the day progresses, she has an excitement of what is going to happen next. She wonders what is going to ripple out. This place of anticipation and excitement has been rediscovered for her. Her joy for living had been reborn. She also has clarity, focus and peace. In her journey to returning to health and function, she has found that element that she did not know was a part of the physical healing – the return to the original state of emotional health. She is very grateful for being reconnected to this place inside herself.

Happiness Overcomes Adversity

This woman is not the only client to express this. People come in for sessions in the midst of life’s challenges. At times, people arrive feeling really stressed and leave feeling calm and smiling. Many fall asleep in their sessions and they are quite surprised they were able to because they were so stressed. Some call it an instant meditation.

One man lost all of his belongings and his business in a fire. He was facing the restructuring of his whole life. He came for several sessions at this time and he was able to destress and sleep for hours and hours after each session. Another man suffering from depression would leave smiling from ear to ear. A young woman who is affected with psychosis, simply states by the end of her sessions “I feel happy”. Another woman cries tears of joy with each of her sessions. She says she just fills up with joy every time she sits in the TheraPhi field and it has to spill out – there is too much to hold inside.

One of the owners at the NRG Wellness Group has frequent peak experiences of bliss during their session. Bliss is a natural state though most of us do not know this or haven’t experienced it. Terri has had multiple bliss experiences. TheraPhi helps the two halves of the brain to communicate and this is what generates the happiness/bliss that people are experiencing.

Find Your Happiness

A half hour is all that is takes. We love that it can be done so simply with TheraPhi. To find your happy, please call us to set up appointments.

Peace and happy healing,

Terri and Mike

‘Beyond the Ordinary’


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