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“Be in the field and be healed.”

What is TheraPhi?

TheraPhi is a revolutionary new device which creates a powerful double conjugate plasma light/infrasound bioactive field. TheraPhi’s cutting-edge technology has the ability to have a significant and lasting influence on pain reduction, increasing circulation, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of healing times and more.
TheraPhi process itself is a holistic, non-invasive treatment whereby the body’s cells are restored to a healthier, more ordered state. The TheraPhi enhances the body’s own healing through its cellular regeneration system.

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The “TheraPhi Regenerative Field Device"

TheraPhi is an electronic device for creating a radiative bio-active plasma field. The inspiration for the creation of this device is based on the famous pioneering efforts of Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, Royal Raymond Rife and especially Antione Priore. TheraPhi has been developed by Dan Winter and engineered by Paul Harris.
TheraPhi is therapy by Phi (golden mean ratio). Precise electronic frequencies are generated from phi ratio harmonics and are passed through glass tubes that contain a unique mixture of noble gases supercharged by a Tesla coil. The resulting powerful, super-coherent field helps the body to restore its cellular regenerative system; the body can heal very quickly and naturally. 

Negentropy and Cell Memory Reversal

The field that is generated between the components of TheraPhi has a negentropic effect. Negentropy is the reverse of entropy and is considered to be “the life organizing principle”. Negentropy is the reorganization of disorder into order. In terms of health of the body, any dis-order or state of dis-ease is a state of disorder. By laying in TheraPhi’s rich life supporting field, cells and biological systems reorganize, rejuvenate, and become ordered.

Negentropy is also a process of "reverse time", a process where the cell can "remember" what it was originally like before disorder set in (definition of healing). The coherent forces in TheraPhi can restore your body to its original healthy condition, which is also referred to as rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing.

The symmetrical coherent wave fields converge in such a way that they focus inward and become self-organized to create an increase in order and "charge", referred to as "longitudinal wave acceleration". This resulting wave field restores order to the body’s cellular regenerative system, referred to as negentropy. In fact, TheraPhi's negentropy effect on the cells and tissues of the body is the only true scientific definition we have of “Healing and Rejuvenation” and “Anti-Aging”. “Biologic Negentropy” is the definition of life, order, self-awareness, perception, and memory.


How it works

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Plasma Field

The robust solid-state emitters, combined with a unique mixture of noble gases, produce an extraordinary bio-active implosion and negentropic life giving plasma field.

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Healing Waveforms

The two glass tubes (emitters) are positioned at either end of a treatment area. Each tube emits counter spinning vortices, which produces a phase conjugate field that cascades into a focal point by utilizing nature’s golden mean ratio (Phi), massaging the entire body with the bioactive field. This allows for changes in a person’s frequency-modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms producing a negentropic effect on the cells and tissues of the body.

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Short Time Period

Only short periods of time are needed to produce significant effects at all levels of the body. Many people report feelings of deep peace, relaxation, or a state of bliss. The body is able to heal/regenerate quickly, in the TheraPhi field.

Benefits Of TheraPhi

Special Introductory Offer

5 TheraPhi Sessions for only $175.00 ($35.00/session)+ GST

Image by Sean Sinclair

“The base level of the creation of TheraPhi is for increasing consciousness. All health benefits are a nice side effect of TheraPhi.”

Paul Harris, Creator of TheraPhi

What Our Clients Say

Gail D., Alberta

"I had my first treatment with TheraPhi remotely yesterday. I released a lot of old trauma and pain during the treatment. I could feel my body feeling lighter and less burdened. During the session I could see the light pulses through my eyes. Pretty cool!! I have never seen a healing system that can go in and release life long traumas so quickly. As though it just dissolves the previous trauma into a long faded old memory without the emotional charge. Very nice!

 After treatment felt a great sense of calm and peace. My intention is to get my body back in sync. Getting closer to that now.

 Today I feel refreshed and had a good nights sleep for a change. I have been walking around like a zombie due to lack of sleep and just about flooded my neighbors house when I couldn’t remember to shut off my irrigation after a tiring trip to Costco. Whoops! Good thing he was home and called us.

 I can see Terri having a huge line up for TheraPhi in the near future. Especially when you don’t have to travel to experience the healing power.

 My honey finally capitulated and wants to experience TheraPhi as well. He could really see the change in me.

 I would certainly highly recommend the TheraPhi experience for anyone looking for effective physical, emotional and spiritual healing."

TheraPhi Videos

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to see if a TheraPhi session, in-person or remote, could work for you.

Caution: While you could undergo a short detox other common side effects may include greater health, happiness, and joy, including improved circulation, reduced pain, improved physical performance and cognitive ability. You may feel younger, experience improvement in your ability to relax, sleep, handle stress, think clearly, learn more easily, as well as to appreciate more and to love more deeply. You may feel better physically and emotionally, feel more alive, more creative, more whole, with an overall sense of greater well-being. This, by all measures, is not a complete list of the possible effects. If you experience any or all of these, please inform your family and friends immediately.
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