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Our Story

The NRG Wellness Group, in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, was started by Terri and Michael Rowland to offer experiences that are ‘Beyond the Ordinary’. We became involved with TheraPhi shortly after its introduction and the NRG Wellness Group has become Kelowna's home to TheraPhi.


Because TheraPhi works at the physical, emotional and energetic levels, it fits in beautifully to this multidimensional approach to healing. Michael, with his unique set of skills, and Terri formed the NRG Wellness Group when they got their TheraPhi. Together they offer others an experience that is 'beyond the ordinary'.


Terri had life changing results from only a few TheraPhi sessions, so much so that she and Mike wanted to make this innovative technology available to others. It was TheraPhi that initially brought them together and is now one of the foundations of their work. They have since added two other very effective modalities based on energy and the mind-body connection. Although the three modalities are each a little different in their approach, they work synergistically to resolve physical and emotional issues.

Michael Rowland is internationally known and respected for his work in energy healing and clearing during the last 20 years. An ex-corporate executive, Michael  has worked with people energetically in many different ways. His work ranges, from clearing people’s energy fields to removing energetic blocks in their energy fields caused by trauma, and includes soul retrieval and releasing ancestral patterns.

It was a natural progression and synergistic for Michael to join with Terri and form the NRG Wellness Group. Because of the impressive results of the primary tools offered, Michael believes that they will become common treatments in the future.

Terri, a certified herbalist and reflexologist, has been working in the natural health field for over 35 years. Her first loves are reflexology and emotional exploration. Helping people to understand and accept the transformative connection between emotions and health/disease has been her passion for many years. Over the last few years, Terri has trained with leaders in the world in trauma, and has received certification in Compassion Inquiry and Safe and Sound Protocol. Adding these two dynamic modalities to The NRG Wellness Group completes the vision of how she can best support the healing of her clients. 

Who We Are



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