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Concussion or Brain Injury?

Have you had one or more concussions?

Do you suffer from a brain injury?

We have found that the use of TheraPhi has relieved the after affects of concussion and brain injury for many of our clients, whether the injury is recent or decades old.

Our experience has shown some remarkable results.


Here is what happened for one client. This man was struck by a car when he was walking across the street twelve years before his introduction to the healing nature of TheraPhi. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, that left him with debilitating migraines and a noticeable change in his ability to interact in his day to day living with his family. After his very first session of TheraPhi things began to change. The migraines were less frequent and less intense, becoming more of just a plain headache than a migraine. Headache medication usage became unnecessary. Several weeks after he began sessions with TheraPhi his wife came to see us. She thanked us, with a grateful heart, for returning her husband to their family. She said he had been “missing” since the accident. His return to his formal self, a happy, loving, present, and interactive part of his family, was a true gift for everyone.

Variety of Symptoms

Observation has shown that the ‘state of shock’ can still be present long after the accident or injury. TheraPhi appears to help the body with recovering from this shock state and this alone helps the body to re-initiate healing.g and organizing thoughts, memory problems, dizziness, partial loss of use of limbs, slurred speech, changes in mood and personalities, and withdrawing from life in general. The common complaint is any symptoms post concussion are intrusive, disruptive, and not particularly welcomed.

So what can be done?

A recent conservation with a physiotherapist revealed that there isn’t ‘treatment’ for concussion only symptom management. After six years of TheraPhi experience, we have noticed that many people who use this remarkable health enhancing device have experienced welcome relief from the symptoms AND a return to healthier day to day living. Half hour sessions of TheraPhi, with some regularity, has changed the life of some of our brain injured clients. TheraPhi is NOT a treatment for concussion. The healing benefits of the energy field clients are exposed to during a session has the potential for all cells in the body to return normal healthy function. All cells have the ability to recover from the damage and inflammation that come from injury, even the brain, and TheraPhi can help to accelerate the process.

Overcome Shock

Observation has shown that the ‘state of shock’ can still be present long after the accident or injury. TheraPhi appears to help the body with recovering from this shock state and this alone helps the body to reinitiate healing.


A man who had had a motorcycle accident a few years prior to his introduction to TheraPhi, was still experiencing loss of function on the right side of his body that was a hangover from the concussion. His speech would become slurred when he was fatigued, he lost control over his right hand, and headaches were his constant companion. He still experienced pain in a leg that was broken in the accident. For this man, one TheraPhi session relieved ALL of his symptoms, including the chronic leg pain. Now this is not the usual case for TheraPhi, but it shows that such change is possible.

We have many reports from grateful TheraPhi session recipients who have had life changing results. These stories are not claims, or a treatment. TheraPhi is a whole body experience of helping any cell in the body to return to normal function. The half hour of exposure to the TheraPhi field just feels good. It is a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Many people report improved sleep, better digestion, feeling more alive than they have for a long while.

We offer an Introductory Special of five sessions for first time clients to come experience TheraPhi. We hope you take the opportunity to see what TheraPhi can do for you. Give us a call.


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