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TheraPhi Affects the Chakras

We were at the wellness show in Penticton at the end of October with a booth promoting TheraPhi. There was a neighboring booth that had a system which showed the balance of a person’s chakras. The system they used generated a photo of the body and a representation of the chakras. So, with their cooperation, we decided to do an experiment with TheraPhi and the chakras.

Our friend, Peter volunteered to be the guinea pig and since he had just had a TheraPhi session at the booth, we opted to do the experiment the next day. When we arrived at the show the next morning Peter had the photo done of his chakras, the before photo (photo #1 above). The results were surprising for the folks operating the system because Peter’s chakras were already pretty well balanced. There was some imbalance but not much. Apparently, this was an unusual experience for them.

Shortly after the initial photo session, Peter had a three-minute TheraPhi session and within 5 to 10 minutes he had the second photo done. This time all of his chakras were fully balanced (photo #2 above). Our neighbors, who were running the system, were now seriously impressed.

We were quite pleased of course by the outcome. However, we would have liked to experiment with someone whose chakras were more out of balance. Unfortunately, the day became busy and the next thing we knew, it was time to pack up and leave. Perhaps these folks will be at another show and we can experiment again.

If TheraPhi can improve the balance of a person whose chakras are already well balanced, I believe that it will provide some remarkable results for those looking for more balance. We are continually amazed at what experiences people have with TheraPhi and what it can do at various levels.

Come and get balanced, Mike and Terri

'Beyond the Ordinary'

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