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Remote TheraPhi

TheraPhi Sessions at a Distance

We currently have several people taking advantage of remote or distance TheraPhi sessions and they are reporting that their remote sessions have been very beneficial. Recently, many people are asking if we offer remote TheraPhi sessions, so we are writing this article to provide more information about distance sessions.

How are Remote TheraPhi Sessions Possible?

Because TheraPhi uses energies to promote rejuvenation at a cellular level, the emotional level and the energetic level, these energies can be sent and received over long distances.

“Albert Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ theory referred to ‘quantum entanglement’, which states that the measurement of one particle will instantly influence another particle, regardless of how far apart they are.” National Geographic

Remote healing is not new and more recent research into quantum physics supports Einstein’s original theories. Therefore, if the TheraPhi energies are applied to a person’s DNA then those energies will influence the rest of the DNA, wherever it might be, nearby or across the planet. This has ben a wonderful opportunity for several of our clients to experience the regenerative effects of TheraPhi no matter where they live, in the comfort of their own home.

Are Remote TheraPhi Sessions Effective?

Based upon feedback from the people who have experienced remote TheraPhi sessions, we would have to say that these sessions are almost as effective as sitting directly in the TheraPhi field. We also have clients who have experienced both in-person and remote TheraPhi sessions. They report that the remote sessions are as effective, although they do prefer the in-person sessions. They all indicate that they can physically feel the energy information being transmitted during a remote session. As with in-person sessions, results of remote TheraPhi sessions will be unique to the person having the experience.

“A week ago, I had gone for a hike and tweaked my hip flexor which made walking and working very painful and difficult. I received a half hour remote TheraPhi session from The NRG Wellness Group in Kelowna which helped the pain decrease almost instantaneously.” – Talia B., Squamish BC

How Do Remote TheraPhi Sessions Work?

We start with a phone call just to introduce ourselves and chat about your goals for using TheraPhi, what health challenges you are working with, and why you are interested in using TheraPhi. We also discuss setting up payment and session appointments at that time.

We request a DNA sample – we prefer to use a nail clipping from either fingers or toes, clean of any nail polish or other nail treatments. We use photos as well, but the photo is not as necessary as the nail clipping.

On the prearranged day and time, we text you 10 minutes before the start of the session to allow you time to get comfortable in a chair or lying on a bed. We put the DNA sample and photo if provided, into the TheraPhi and turn on the device. Many people say that they can feel when the remote TheraPhi session starts.

The session is half an hour long. Once the session is complete, we text to let you know you are done. There are a few after session care suggestions we provide. It is all quite simple, safe, and nurturing.

“I am absolutely flabbergasted about the news I just received from my eye doctor! After only 3 remote Theraphi sessions my eyesight has DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED from 5.5 to 4.25 in one eye and from 4 to 3 in the other eye! My numbers had been declining in quarter increments yearly most of my adult life! To see such an improvement can only be the miracle of TheraPhi! My intention for my 3 sessions was improved eyesight – Never could I have imagined an improvement so great! THANK YOU, Michael and Terri, for introducing me to this life changing invention!” – Lisa E., Florida

Experience Remote TheraPhi Sessions for Yourself.

We are aware that many people find the concept of remote TheraPhi sessions hard to believe. Only through your own direct experience can you be convinced. We invite you to try it and offer an easily affordable introductory package for TheraPhi sessions. There are many aspects to this amazing device, and you don’t have to be sick to experience benefits. So, give us a call if you have any questions, or if you would like to book an appointment.

Be well and happy,

Terri and Michael

‘Beyond the Ordinary’


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