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Theraphi and Russian Style Pyramids

Two Technologies Working Together

We have been using the TheraPhi in conjunction with one of our pyramids and having some very interesting results.

We have been building Russian Style pyramid kits with TheraPhi inventor Paul Harris for the past year or so. Because TheraPhi and the Russian style pyramids are both based on the Golden Mean, combining these technologies for enhanced benefit/effect seemed to be a natural pairing. The synergy between the energies of TheraPhi and the energy of the pyramid enhance the benefits of both.

TheraPhi Energy

The TheraPhi energy is a radiative bio-active cold plasma field and is considered to be therapy by Phi (golden mean ratio). Precise electronic frequencies are generated from phi ratio harmonics and are passed through the two glass tubes that contain a unique mixture of noble gases that are supercharged by a Tesla Coil. The resulting powerful super coherent field helps the body to restore its cellular regenerative system; the body can heal very quickly and naturally.

Pyramid Energy

A pyramid is a sacred geometrical structure that uses and focuses ‘universal energy’. This energy can gently, naturally, and positively affect all living things – humans, animals, plants, water, and the environment to name a few. The pyramid we use is a Russian or Nubian style of pyramid that has been scientifically studied for more than 10 years and proven to have long lasting beneficial effects on biological and non biological objects. If you would like more information, we can email you a more detailed discussion in a PDF format.

The Results

Several people, including ourselves, have experienced the combined power of TheraPhi and the pyramid. We have noticed that the energy field produced by this combination, although still gentle and supportive, is more tangible and has increased people’s experience during and after a session. Experiences include:

  • Dramatic improvement in sleep,

  • Painful chronic conditions have lessened or vanished,

  • Significant increases in feelings of bliss and euphoria,

  • New and beneficial opportunities repeatedly present themselves to clients with ease and grace,

  • Longstanding addictive behaviours have spontaneously disappeared,

  • Deeper relaxation, and

  • Conscious connections are being made between the healings offered in each session and tangible unexpected changes in relationships in family circles

Overall, there is a greater consciousness of the experiences using the combined energies of the pyramid and TheraPhi.


Over the last several months, the benefits of the clients having their TheraPhi sessions while sitting in the pyramid has been quite inspiring. All participants have experienced profound peace and love from the deep sense of connection with the conscious field. Emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healings occur daily with expanding healings reported in the families of our clients – truly miraculous happenings.

Lisa – I have been having Theraphi sessions over the past three months and have had wonderful results with my physical body including pain relief and inflammation. Recently, I tried the combination of Theraphi and Pyramid which is resulting in improved thinking, intuition and clarity of life-long patterns that were begging to be awakened, addressed and changed. I love Theraphi but the combination of both can’t be beat! – Love, Lisa

Samantha – Terri has been a blessing in my life. Working with Terri has opened up a whole new world for me. With much love and support, Terri has taught me how to FEEL into things like never before. Our work with Theraphi and the pyramid helps to bring this to a cellular level. I believe I am in an ‘undoing’ process with Theraphi, peeling back layers of emotion, pain I didn’t know was there and toxic garbage that has been deposited in my mind and body.

Breaking free from old habits such as my nightly marijuana use (of some 20 years or so), something I had wanted to do for some time, there were virtually no side effects. I drank Holy Basil tea to help with the transition and any unpleasantness (slight headaches and sleeplessness). Cravings have been minimal, and I am back to remembering my dreams!!! Yay!!!

My treatments with Theraphi and the pyramid and Terri’s guidance have helped me really feel into myself, my body, my emotions, my desires and has helped me to find the strength to commit more fully to my life!

And it feels awesome! For me it’s subtle but undeniably lovely, always putting a smile on my face and leaving me with a real sense of calm. – Samantha

April – I purchased a set of 5 Theraphi sessions due to curiosity of this healing modality. The process targets areas of the body in need of healing. My first session let me know that my sinuses had been chosen by the energy waves. I went into a meditative state during the session, enjoying the subtle tweaking I could feel in that area. I experience a continual clearing of my sinuses.

After the second treatment I was amazed at the amount and colour of discharge my body released. My breathing improved.

Third treatment allowed the slight, not unpleasant, tweaking feeling in various areas of my body that had suffered injuries during my lifespan. I felt my heart expanding and opening, felt universal love flow through my heart and back out into the world. It was a magnificent experience. I was aware that healing was happening in injured areas.

Fourth treatment: I had spectacular meditative visualization of the cells of my body reproducing. I watched, fascinated, as the cells formed my body in my mother’s womb. My original body, before birth and subsequent injuries, was being recreated.

My fifth treatment was even more spectacular. I felt the energy moving through my body, visualized all my cells vibrating at a high speed, felt my etheric body expanding into the universe as my physical body had to spread outward as it vibrated with the energy permeating my being from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and fingers. After the healing session I felt taller, thirsty and had to force my rings back on to my expanded fingers.

These healing sessions with the energy waves of TheraPhi with the Russian style pyramid have been a blessing to my body and my mind. Apparently, it is different for everyone, so I suggest you book an appointment and experience it for yourself. – Sincerely, April

An Invitation

If you are interested in giving this combination a try, we are offering a 5 session introductory package for $175.00 plus GST (Limited time only, subject to change without notice). These sessions are truly unique and are a wonderful gentle, yet powerful way, to improve your well-being at all levels. Contact us to book your appointment.

Purchase Your Own Pyramid Kit

Get the benefits of a pyramid in your own home by purchasing a beautiful pyramid for yourself, and your family. Visit our pyramids page for more information.

Enjoy vibrant health. Terri and Mike

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