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Pyramid Kits

Russian Style Pyramid Kits, originally known as Nubian Pyramids

What are Pyramid Kits?

Affordable and easy to assemble copper and stainless steel Russian style pyramid kits. Now you can spend time in your own Russian style pyramid every day.

Welcome to our Russian style pyramid kits, also referred to as Nubian pyramids. Hand built in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, our uniquely constructed, easy to assemble pyramid kits are an intriguing healing structure that can be used in your home, or back yard. These pyramid structures look great as “garden art” and can generate healthy benefits for you, your family, your pets and the environment. You can customize your pyramid for that perfect look and feel.


Why Russian Style Pyramids?

There are several styles of pyramids; they are all possess healing capabilities. Russian style or Nubian pyramids are precisely Phi ratio, making them more energetically powerful, generating more healing benefits. Additionally, a decade of research by Russian scientists and institutions has proven there are numerous remarkable benefits of Russian style pyramids on health, food, water, crops, land, air, and the environment.

Some of the reported findings are:

Deep relaxation in body and mind

Improved vision and hearing

Better sleep

Positively affects the environment

Improved health and wellness

Increased intuition and clarity of mind

Relief from pain and inflammation

Clearing of negative energies


Functional Art for Your Home & Garden

Easy to assemble inside or outdoors, you may choose between copper or stainless steel, or use both, to compliment your pyramid space. Copper’s warmth is appealing to heart and to the eye. Stainless steel has a sturdy presence, creating a feel of strength and security.

Customize the size of your pyramid. Make it smaller for on a coffee table or place over a plant. Go with a bigger size for outdoors to relax in, meditate, read a book, or enjoy a warm cup of tea as the sun sets. Make it a focal point for your front entrance, water fountain, or garden. Wherever you put it, this unique piece of art will be a conversation piece.

Pyramids have purifying effects on poisons, electrosmog, and solar radiation. Seeds and plants grow well near pyramids, yielding larger, healthier crops. Animals, domesticated and undomesticated, are drawn to spend time inside the pyramids, creating healing and peace for them too.

Our Russian Style Pyramid Kits

Our Russian style pyramid kits can be completed with copper pipe, or stainless steel. Your pyramid kit is hand made using the precise angles.

You will need to purchase the tubing for the slant pieces and base pieces locally. A formula is provided to determine how much you will need to purchase.

  • Peak and corners made from beautiful 1-inch square stainless steel tubing.

  • Stronger and more rigid than copper.

  • More durable and longer lasting than plastics. Wont sag like PVC. 

  • Won’t tarnish or stain.

  • Not affected by weather, will last almost indefinitely. 

  • Can use ¾ inch copper pipe, or 1″ square stainless steel for base and upright pieces. You can mix copper and stainless creating a unique piece of functional art.

  • Pipe is easily available from building and hardware stores

Kit Includes
  • Stainless steel peak or apex

  • Four stainless steel corner pieces

  • Complete assembly instructions (using 3/4 copper pipe)

  • You purchase the pipe locally to complete the base and uprights,


  • An instruction sheet for assembly and alignment of your pyramid

  • 1-inch square stainless steel kit (peak & corners) for use with copper pipes – $495.00 CDN

If you would like to use the 1-inch square stainless steel pipes, you will need the additional connector kit. - $70.00 CDN


Note: Shipping and taxes are extra. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.


Benefits Of Pyramid Kits

Image by Sean Sinclair

“I have children, I have a grandson, I do it for them (built the pyramids). These pyramids are an instrument to make the world a better place to live and benefit mankind.”

Alexander Golod (Scientist and former Director of a State Defense Enterprise in Moscow).

What Our Clients Say

Lisa E. - Florida USA

“Can’t thank Mike and Terri enough for introducing me to the Russian pyramid.  I built mine to a 4-foot height and, as a person working in the healing arts, it has become my “sacred workspace” and place for daily meditation and for deepening intuition.  The assembly was no effort and I like that I can transport it to any area of my home or reduce the size to a smaller version for when I travel.  I have found since using it that my home’s energy and my energy are more settled and my intuition greatly enhanced which I can only attribute to consistent pyramid sitting time. I have recommended it and will continue to recommend it to family and friends!”

Contact us to purchase a Pyramid Kit

Caution: While you could undergo a short detox other common side effects may include greater health, happiness, and joy, including improved circulation, reduced pain, improved physical performance and cognitive ability. You may feel younger, experience improvement in your ability to relax, sleep, handle stress, think clearly, learn more easily, as well as to appreciate more and to love more deeply. You may feel better physically and emotionally, feel more alive, more creative, more whole, with an overall sense of greater well-being. This, by all measures, is not a complete list of the possible effects. If you experience any or all of these, please inform your family and friends immediately.
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