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Corona Virus, What you can do.

What an interesting, albeit stressful, time we are in. While the days coming are uncertain, we are certain that positive changes are coming. In the meantime, the NRG Wellness Group is responding to the challenges by offering what we can to help each of our clients support your bodies in a variety of ways.

We would like to offer you some things that you can do to help protect yourself from being infected by the corona virus and minimize its effects should you become unwell. Since we all know and have been told by our doctors, time and time again, that unlike a bacterial infection, you can’t really do anything if you are sick with a virus, other than allow it to run its course. So, boosting your immune system benefits you two fold, both for prevention and for minimizing effects should you become infected.

Immune Support with Herbs

One important aspect for your immune system is the use of adaptogenic herbs, or adaptogens. Adaptogenics are herbs that keep the immune systems primed and help our bodies to combat the negative effects of varying degrees of emotional and physical stress. This group of herbs help to bring our bodies into back into a state of balance (homeostasis) by having beneficial effects on nervous, immune, digestive, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Mike and I have been using a variety of adaptogenic herbs for the last few years, even when not under direct threat of a virus. And much to our benefit.

As a certified herbalist, Terri has worked up two easily affordable herbal blends, each of which has antiviral properties. The primary aim is to help boost immune system function to assist our bodies to stay healthy, regardless of the virus. Our immune system is really our only best defense.

You can use the herbs by including in a smoothie, sprinkling on your food, or you can put it into capsules. We also have the capsules available.

The Mighty Mushroom Mix– immune booster formula.

A simple 3 herb combination, containing 2 mushrooms, Cordyceps and Reishi (adaptogenics) and the root of Astragalus. Chinese medicine and traditions have long used mushrooms to improve immune system function and benefit from the adaptogenic functions mentioned above.

Cordyceps helps balances hormones associated with stress and supports immune function. It also contains potent antioxidants and enhances energy in the body. This mushroom is an immune modulator; it helps to modulate an overactive immune response, allowing a healthy response to infection.

Reishi is known for its effect on inflammation (always present in the body in times of illness), boosting immune response in its action against viruses, and for its assistance in flushing toxins out of the body thru the liver.

Astragalus Root has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This herb also is beneficial to the function of the lungs and spleen and gastrointestinal tract. It is also an immunomodulator.

The Viking Blend – (not recommended during pregnancy, or for people with blood pressure issues)

This 5 herb blend is formulated for its antiviral properties and to boost the immune system. The blend includes to following.

Rhodiola – a herb used by the Vikings to build a strong immune system. It is a powerful adaptogen, increasing the resistance of our bodies to stressors (microbial or external forces). It may also help to protect lung cells against damage during the infection.

Kudzu Root has anti inflammatory effects and is another possible line of defense in protecting lungs cells during infection.

Licorice Root – helps to increase the production of T fighter cells needed to the body to fight off any illness. T cells are immune cells that are produced in bone marrow and mature in the thymus. They activate immune cells to fight infection – their importance is obvious. This herb is powerfully synergistic when combined with Skullcap Root (also in this combination).

Plant synergists are plants that when combined with other medicinal substances, increase the potency of the combined substances.

Skullcap Root has been found to have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has fever lowering action in the body and stimulates immune response to viral infection. Also, the presence of this herb helps to protect the tissues of the spleen and lymph nodes while they work to fight invaders in our bodies, an essential process during illness.

Last and not at all least, Ashwagandha Root, also an adaptogenic herb (are you getting the importance of addressing the stress factor when ill?), this lovely herb can help with sleep when the body is stressed. It is a nervine herb meaning it works on our nervous system. A powerful anti inflammatory herb, this herb will also help with immune modulation and tonifying the immune system.

Give us a call for more information about how to get the herbs.


For our immune systems to work effectively we need the nutrients that the body can use to help itself ward off infections. Vitamin D besides being one of the most important vitamins that is used in many processes the body. It has been shown to have a positive effect in boosting our immune system and preventing viral infection.

Vitamin C is likely the most important nutrient to support and enhance the immune system. The best source of vitamin C is a good quality sauerkraut which also improves the body’s microbiome. If sauerkraut is not for you, peppers are the next highest food source of vitamin C. Adding peppers to your salads and meals is an easy way to increase your intake of vitamin C. You can also supplement with a good quality vitamin C product.

The trace mineral selenium is also important for the immune system to work properly. Selenium is usually available in most green leafy vegetables. These vegetables also can add to your intake of vitamin C.

Fresh ginger has been hailed as having superior antiviral properties. However, it must be consumed fresh. Dried ginger will not help. Fresh, not pasteurized, ginger juice can be easily added to smoothies, salads, and other foods.

Organic honey that has not been pasteurized has also been used for decades as an antiviral immune support.

Since the virus works its way into the cell through the cell wall, it is important to ensure that the walls of the cells are healthy. The cell walls are comprised primarily of fat, so ensure you have adequate amounts of essential fatty acids (EFAs) is important for your immunity from virus attack.

Avoid all processed foods as much as possible, at least until the threat of infection has passed.


We have not experienced such a worldwide problem since WWII, so this is new and quite stressful for most of us. Please remember we are all in this together and we will all get through it more easily if we work together.

Too much stress can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. These are stressful times, so do what you can to reduce the stressors in your life.

If you are feeling extra stress, consider having a TheraPhi session. In less than a half hour you can feel calmer and even feel blissful. Meditation, or walks in nature can also help relieve stress. Both of the herbal formulas above contain adaptogenic herbs that help your body to more easily deal with stress and stressful situation.

We started the NRG Wellness Group more than five years ago with two things in mind – to assist people in their journey of healing, and to help them to attain the level of health they desire through various modalities and experiences that are 'Beyond the Ordinary'. This remains our passion during these times. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information. We will remain open to assist with the health needs of our clients, their families and friends.

Peace and healing to all of you as we all navigate through the days ahead.

Terri and Michael

“Beyond the Ordinary”

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions in this blog are only suggestions. Please check with your doctor before using these or other herbal combinations. These herbal combinations are not replacements for any prescription medications and are not to be used as such.


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