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Help for Lyme Disease

The growing epidemic of Lyme Disease, and its co-infections, is not fully recognized or appreciated. This is part of the problem with treatment for Lyme Disease. Lyme is a bacterial infection that is present around the globe and is being spread by many methods. The allopathic system does have a place in the treatment of Lyme, but it is quite limited if not used at the very start of the infection. It is not equipped to identify and fully treat a bacteria that ‘outsmarts’ antibiotics at nearly every turn. All bacteria, Lyme especially, are very, very smart because they want the same thing we do – they want to survive. And will do amazing things to ensure they do.

The state of the person’s immune system at the time of infection of Lyme will largely determine the response to treatment and the length of treatment; the weaker the system at the onset, the longer and more dedicated the treatment. If you know what to look for, the symptoms in each person that appear to be unrelated to Lyme are often a part of the Lyme symptom picture. Lyme is able to mimic almost every disease complex known. Many of the symptoms will appear to be “other conditions or problems” when they are actually symptoms of Lyme.

Co-Infections of Lyme

Lyme is a complex disease with additional complications caused by its associated co-infections. Co-infections are other bacteria present at the same time as Lyme. Each co-infection will present a different symptom profile. The body is then struggling to cope with the added stress and demand of added infections. Treating the co-infections at the same time as Lyme is essential for recovery.

A herbal approach to Lyme Disease is unique. This approach helps to build up the whole body and improve immune function until the bacteria are not able to continue living in our systems: we just simply are not good hosts any more. For someone suffering with Lyme (and people affected with Lyme DO suffer), or suspect they might have Lyme disease, a comprehensive and intensive herbal program can restore hope, increase a sense of wellbeing, and help you to improve the quality of life as full recovery is achieved.

The NRG Wellness Group has experience with Lyme and its co-infections. Contact Terri if you would like more information about herbs and their relationship to Lyme disease. You can also set up an appointment to discuss your specific situation.

Be well and happy,

Terri and Michael

'Beyond the Ordinary'


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