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Compassionate Inquiry (CI)

Terri has completed her year’s training with Dr. Gabor Mate, has received her certification as a Certified Compassion Inquiry Practitioner, and has been successfully helping people since. Terri is very pleased to offer Compassionate Inquiry Sessions, either in-person or remotely using Zoom

What is Compassionate Inquiry?

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) is a powerful tool that can bring the person’s awareness to events that occurred in childhood that were painful and difficult to bear, and that the person has protected themselves from experiencing. The CI sessions have been engaged for physical and emotional healing in a wide range of areas: trauma, physical disease processes, chronic pain, emotional and mental disturbances, addictions, PTSD, relationship problems, reoccurring problematic patterns, and lack of understanding of why life is not working out the way we want. In short CI is helping people to be liberated from experiences and the resulting underlying beliefs with life changing growth and healing.

The Process

The Compassionate Inquiry therapist holds a safe space so that person can explore the childhood experiences and what those experiences have been made to mean: unconscious beliefs about the self, interpretations and misinterpretations of events, and the trauma that has remained and how it continues to impact mind, body and relationships.

The method used in Compassionate Inquiry is to go right to the core of things using compassionate gentle conversation, while the person has a physical experience of the body. CI is a permission based therapy, so as difficult material arises, the client manages the session with their permission to continue or to pause.

What people typically show the world is not their essential selves. Compassionate Inquiry seeks to discover what lies beneath that appearance we show the world and reconnect with the True self that remains within us all.

“Healing is possible, it is worthwhile, it is beautiful, and it belongs to all of us”. ~ Dr. Gabor Mate

We are open for business, for all of our sessions in-person or remote and welcome you. Please contact us to set up sessions. We look forward to connecting with you. Contact us through

Be well and happy,

Terri and Michael

‘Beyond the Ordinary’


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